Top Beautiful Locations For Wedding & Pre-Wedding Photography

As we all know that today's youth is fond of photography and today everyone is promoting themselves on social media with this trend. Today photography has become a part of our regular life, today such unique social media platforms have come where people are sharing their life stories with people through their photos. Photography is such a medium through which we can save our memories. As time passed, the trend of clicking photos also changed. In earlier times it used to take time to capture a photo and earlier rooms were so big that it took a lot of time to move from one place to another. But today digital gadgets have made this work very easy, now every phone used to have a camera attached to it. Earlier one had to go to the studio to capture photos but now it is not so. Now every person can make his photo happy by clicking on it.

Today, whenever we do any work or go on a trip, go to someone's wedding, party, occasion or any other place, then, first of all, we get photographed because through photos we can remember that moment every moment. You can enjoy India as such a country where every day some new promotion happens. And every day millions of people share this moment of celebration with their friends, relatives, and family through social media.

It has often been seen that everyone likes to get photographed on the spot at a wedding or while roaming around a destination. Similarly, we will know the top beautiful locations for wedding and pre-wedding photography.


Uttarakhand is also called the city of hills. This is the most preferred place for families and tourists. It is visited by lakhs of people every year to visit and attend weddings.

Uttarakhand comes first in the most beautiful places in India as it has the maximum number of foot weddings and pre-wedding ceremonies.


Rajasthan is such a state of India where even today old customs are followed. Even after so much digital development, people are still following their traditional culture by not adopting that facility. And this tradition forces people to come from far away countries.

The beauty here is that it is completely traditional which people like so much. That's why Rajasthan is the choice of all wedding couples.


Uttar Pradesh is called the heart of India because half of India's population lives in this state and most of the country's weddings take place here.

There are many famous farms, palaces, and forts in Uttar Pradesh where wedding couples like to do their photo shoots.


Punjab is the only state in India where the custom of horse came first in marriage and Punjab is famous all over the country for its tradition.

The Villages (Pind) of Punjab are so beautiful that every wedding couple wants to do their photoshoot and marriage.


As we all know, there are many more beautiful destinations in India where wedding couples like to do their photo shoots. But it is difficult to find the best photography services at every destination, but Women's Picture brings you the finest Wedding & Pre Wedding-Photography Services in your favorite destinations.

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