Shekhar Rawat(Founder):-


"All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them." 

Hi! I'm Shekhar Rawat, a freelance photographer hailing from the beautiful city of gods, Rishikesh. I have been working as a wedding and fashion photographer for 3years now. My tryst with photography first happened in my final year of school when my father bought an SLR camera. Like an excited kid, I jumped on the opportunity of using this new toy. The story of how photography became my hobby to a passion and now a profession just wrote itself after that. 

Coming from a deeply traditional Indian family, my father had his doubts about my career choice. He wanted to me to become an engineer and memuch to his disapproval, a professional photographer. Naturally, it lead to arguments. To appease the situation, I decided to do my Bachelors in Business Administration from IMS, Dehradun. Now this is where destiny played the role.  I participated in the Rishikesh Photography Competition organized by Inrishikesh Local Search after my brother’s friend insisted me to. To everyone's surprise, including mine, I stood first in it! After that, there was no looking back.

With borrowed equipments but my own unfading spirit, I began my professional journey by covering different events and portfolios for different artists. The highlight in my journey so far was getting to closely work with the band, Nishchay. I currently also look after the band’s media activities. I’m also the official photographer for Uttarakhand’s biggest biking group, Wanderers.

Getting my first professional level camera was another momentous milestone in my career. My elder brother, Deepak bought my first DSLR camera, sacrificing his own laptop. Not only did I get my own equipment that day, but I also earned a strong pillar of support in him. Perhaps that is what makes this milestone so momentous. Around this time, I was still getting the hang of photography as a profession. One of my college friend from IMS pushed me to participate in the Uttarakhand Photography Championship. I hesitated, gave in, participated and won! This was a solid win, because it opened many avenues for me. 

I closely worked with celebrities like Bohemia, Neha Kakkar, Raghu Ram and Karan Kundra. I worked as a Media Assistant for the travel food documentary show, Ganga-The Soul of India, which was hosted by Dia Mirza. I even got a chance to work with various adventure companies, which lead getting my work published for the first time. (Outdoor Journal, 2014.) As if mimicking the domino effect, my photograph of the Gaumukh at Uttarakhand was also featured in the National Geographic Traveller India magazine in 2016 Anniversary Edition 50th issue.

As things started falling in place, my father too saw the dedication and passion I had for photography. He finally gave me his blessings I always yearned for so long.

With my father’s blessings, I decided to study professional photography from Pearl Academy, New Delhi to add credibility to my skills. During that one year, I not only honed my skills in the classroom but also in the outside world.I was a part of the team that made a documentary for the Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi for which I also received an appreciation letter from the Deputy Commissioner of Delhi. 

After receiving much appreciation and encouragement, it felt like the right time to make my own team to continue this dream of capturing moments full of glee.  Along with my brother, I started Vehemence Pictures. Together, with our team of hardworking and creative photographers and technicians, we strive to make every beautiful moment immortal with our pictures and videos.

Deepak Rawat (Co-Founder):-


"If something can be good , do not stop at better"

Hi, I’m Deepak Rawat and I’m the co-founder of Vehemence Pictures. To be honest, I do not exactly have a creative bone in me and as amused at co-founding a production house. But hear me out, I have story to tell too. (It’s probably not going to be as melodramatic as Shekhar’s:D)

Shekhar and I grew up in the same house hold, with similar values. I wanted to become a pilot ever since I was a child. But fate wasn’t by my side and I had to drop the plans. I chose to do something similar. I studied aircraft engineering. During those years, flying a drone used to be my favourite thing to do.  After my studies, I started working for an MNC. Reluctantly I had absorbed into the corporate life, making it my own.Every time, Shekhar came to me for guidance or help, I gladly helped out. I believed in him and in his art. So when he came up with the idea of starting a production house, I was all for it. The plan was, he’d look after the creative side of the business and I’d look after the finances. 

But remember that thing they say about education never going waste? A while back, before Shekhar thought of starting our own company, he had introduced me to the idea of using a drone for aerial photography. And suddenly, it all just fit. I now have another feather in my hat, as an aerial photographer.  Photography gives me a chance to make my vision a physical entity in the form of a photograph.  It allows me to stay creative while I use the knowledge that I have gained so far. It truly makes me happy. Rest assured, making our clients happy with our work is now my biggest goal in life.